What You Should Know About Backhoe Services

1. “Backhoe” Refers to the Direction the Shovel Digs

A backhoe is a two-jointed, articulated arm with a digging bucket at the end. During operation, the backhoe is hitched to the back of a front loader or tractor. The end of the arm closest to the vehicle is the boom, while the other end that features the bucket is referred to as the dipper. Unlike when shoveling by hand or using a bulldozer, the backhoe digs into the earth backward, which is where it gets its name.

2. Heavy-Duty Attachments Add to Backhoe Functionality

Although backhoe machines are capable of digging deep into the soil, attachments are available to add to their functionality. Because multiple machines can be attached to the backhoe loader, it’s possible to accomplish different tasks at once, while reducing the amount of equipment needed on the worksite. If the job requires breaking through concrete to access the earth beneath, for example, jackhammer attachments can be used to cut down on time. Sweeper devices can also be attached for debris cleanup and snow removal.

3. Backhoe Services Are Used for Various Applications

Excavation is typically part of most mid- to large-scale construction jobs, which is why you should enlist the help of a backhoe service company for your project. From installing septic tanks and drain pipes in residential yards to digging into asphalt to mend city gas lines, backhoe loaders come in handy for a variety of applications.